Leb nicht nur im Schatten - Living in the shadows


Living in the shadows, hiding from the sunlight,
hiding from the one light that might help to guide you.
Hiding from tomorrow, hiding from the day
only brings a sorrow that won't go away.

Wand'ring in the darkness, living every midnight
doesn't ever ridnight of nightmares as love might.
Life is full of dangers, strangers every turn.
Living in the shadows, there's no way to learn.

The more you learn, the more you seek, the more you find.
The more you care, the more the world is kind.

One thing I can tell you: Life should be your lover,
help you to discover your reason for being.
Soon you will be seeing what you're all about.
Living in the shadows, you'll never find out.
Living in the shadows I'll never find out.

Push away the shadows, the sun will come out.

Leslie Bricusse: "Living in the shadows" from Victor/ Victoria

Verstecke dich nicht länger -
traue dich, deine eigene Wahrheit zu leben.

Ganz gleich wie diese aussehen mag
und wie gewagt sie dir anfangs vielleicht erscheint.

Ganz gleich, was die anderen über dich denken
oder ob sie dich noch mögen.

Du bist dazu geschaffen, dein eigenes Leben zu leben,
nicht ein Leben im Schatten der anderen.

Antje König

Out of the shadows

Do not hide any longer –
trust yourself to live your own truth.

No matter how this might look
and how daring it initially appears to you.

No matter what others might think about you
or if they still like you.

You are meant for living your own life,
not a life in the shadow of others.

Antje König